Edmunds 500-Year Forest

Sunshine 500-Year Forest

In October 2021, the Edmunds family joined The 500-Year Forest Foundation (500YFF) by protecting over 1,340 acres of mature Piedmont forestland on four conservation parcels. Owned by current board member, James Edmunds, the beautiful hardwood forest, extensive pine plantations, and productive farmland is located near Halifax, VA. It lies on both sides of the Dan River and contains many high hardwood bluffs and deep hollows along the river that resemble fertile cove forests of the mountains.

With its overall diversity of growing sites, the property contains a great mix of native forestland communities including old growth stands of oak and poplar that exceed 100 years in age.

In James Edmund’s words: “Entering into an agreement with the 500YFF not to harvest my hardwood timber was an easy decision for me and my family! Most of the hardwoods we placed under easement have not been harvested in the last 100 years and it is those stands of old growth timber that are the true character of the farm. Generations before me have saved them and now generations beyond me will as well. These stands are a pure source of enjoyment for me and my family. Whether we are hunting or simply hiking in the springtime listening for my favorite songbird, the Wood Thrush! In fact, we even incorporated the Wood Thrush in the signage that we will place along the boundaries of the protected stands as it epitomizes one of the many beneficiaries of old growth hardwood in Southern Virginia. We definitely have no regrets!”

500-Year Forest Foundation

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